List of caches enhancements

Still not sure whether to use English or German here 😉

Added some improvements for caches:

  • Tooltips on cache marker icons
  • List of visible caches in the current map area is shown in the GC tab, including a mouse over highlight for the associated marker icons
  • Collected caches are now displayed with their names (provided they are actually visible in the current map area)
  • Collected caches are persisted between editing sessions (sorry, yet another cookie …)

Bug fixes:

  • The GPX files contained in PQ ZIPs should now be better recognized (let me know if the site fails to extract some PQ)

Ongoing work:

  • I’ve begun to look into routino as an alternative to the currently used gosmore routing backend – this might open more possibilities for auto-routing (e.g. between a list of collected caches)
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